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Hey there! I’m Bianca Devin, owner and founder of BD Digital Marketing. I’m on a mission to help small to medium businesses in the health and wellness space thrive online. 

For the past 20 years, I’ve immersed myself in various industries, honing my expertise in Marketing Strategy. Over the last 5 years, I’ve found my niche in health and wellness, where I’ve focused on what I love most: digital marketing.

I’m committed to navigating the ever-changing marketing landscape with you, providing clarity and assurance so you can focus on managing your business effectively. 

I’m a creative at heart and find inspiration in the great outdoors, always with my digital camera at the ready. When I’m not crafting content, I indulge in my love for ice cream, enjoy spending time with my labrador, and appreciate the simple joys in life.

Bianca Coetzer BD Digital Marketing Consultant

A values-driven business

We unashamedly wear our values on our sleeves. Why? Now, more than ever, customers want to know what you stand for. As a values-driven business, these are the principles that drive us – hopefully, they matter to you too.

BD Digital Icon Integrity


We uphold high standards of integrity in all our actions and decisions. We are committed to honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in every aspect of our business.


We take the time to understand your business and your challenges, and work with you towards your business goals.

BD Digital Icon Innovation


We constantly look for new ways to support your marketing needs to get the best results.

BD Digital Icon Creativity


Thinking outside the box and taking a fresh perspective helps us deliver creative solutions.

Are we a good fit?

Before we get down to business, it’s only fair that we get real with each other to ensure we’ll be a good fit…

Are you...

Do you...

Mmm, let’s leave it there

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